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Comics have always been my passion, but somewhere along the way I got sidetracked and decided to pursue a career as an artist in the video game industry. I strayed down that rabbit hole for ten years before realizing I wasn’t happy with the work that I was doing. I started looking for ways to switch gears, including making a web comic about video game development with a fellow co-worker. Until finally my big break…my company went under and I was free (and scared) to get back on track.

I’ve learned a lot as an artist over the years, especially the fact that it is just hard in general to make it as an artist in the real world. But since I can’t imagine doing anything else, I keep moving forward. After my sudden departure from employment I started thinking about what to do, and came to the conclusion that I wanted to make my own comic. I never quite knew what form it would ultimately take, but I knew that I had to start somewhere.  

I’ve always loved fantasy settings, especially the creepy, but cute characters and dynamic styles. I had this idea for a character that lived in a dungeon and was always stuck cleaning up the mess adventurers would make when they tried to plunder the dungeon’s treasure. Anyway, during some long road trips my wife and I began passing the time working out the plot surrounding our "janitor" character. Which brings us to Peril’s Ahead! I’m sure you have already read at least one page (why else would you be reading about me), and I hope you continue to enjoy reading it as the story plot unfolds little by little each week.

Of course, if you need something else to look at while you are anxiously waiting for a new page, why not check out the daily drawings that I post on my Tumblr / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook. They are mostly fan art of things that I’m interested in, or inspired by at the moment. Enjoy!

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